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Musical Opinion - November-December 2013

“This is a very impressive record in many ways, not least for the inclusion of music that goes way beyond the Pavlovian assumption that recorder music cannot plumb any great depths. Rubbra’s Meditazioni sopra ‘Coeurs Desoles’ for recorder and piano is a demonstrable masterpiece, magnificently performed here, and Arnold’s very late Fantasy for recorder and string quartet plumbs depths rarely revealed in the composer’s earlier works. Likewise, this is also very finely performed. Other rarities are Bowen’s Sonata and Jacob’s Suite for recorder and string quartet, not at all ‘light’ music in comparison, and Berkeley’s Sonatina and Arnold’s similarly entitled piece are eminently worthwhile compositions. The recording quality is outstanding, as are Andrew Mayes booklet notes. An important release.” RM-W

MusicWeb International - July 2013

“Jill Kemp is a wonder”

The Recorder Magazine - Summer 2013

“In the slower movements, her ability to iron out seamlessly what some may see as the recorder’s imperfections through a flawless technique is reminiscent of the glass-like quality of Petri, while her bold tone and decisive attack pushing the recorder to its technical and expressive limits, is perhaps reminiscent of Piers Adams’s committed and bravura style.”

TheClassicalReviewer - April 2013

Jill Kemp truly is one of the best recorder players in the world. With an excellent recording and informative notes this new release from one of our most accomplished recorder players is very much recommended"

Pizzicato Magazine (translation)

"The recorder has two faces: one as an older instrument, the other as a child’s instrument. It takes therefore a certain amount courage to confront this double injustice with over 70 minutes of recorder music  from the 20th century. The British player, Jill Kemp has selected works by compatriots Gordon Jacob, York Bowen, Lennox Berkeley, Malcolm Arnold and Edmund Rubbra. They provide the proof that the recorder is
anything but old. A rich range of colours is first and foremost. She also has a stunning technique that  enhances and demonstrates these sophisticated and complex pieces. Jill Kemp also understands the works  that fully savour the combination with piano and String Quartet." - April 2013

“This is a fascinating disc, a window onto a concerted campaign to turn the recorder into an instrument with a worthy contemporary repertoire.”

musicwebinternational - April 2013

“This CD will appeal to all recorder enthusiasts: however lovers of English music will also enjoy these typically engaging works by some of the finest 20th century British composers. Certainly the excellent performances presented here do all the works an indispensable service.”

Musical Pointers - April 2013

“a required purchase for recorder players everywhere.” – August 16th, 2010
‘Bach for Breakfast’ recital – ROSL Arts @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“Kemp’s playing is a universe away from any nasty memories you may have of learning this instrument at school. Her virtuoso quick-fire fingerwork was breath-taking in places, but what impressed me most was the way she could summon up such tranquility and peace in the slower introductions to each sonata. Yes, Bach can still speak to us as a still centre in the midst of a busy world, and there are few places busier than Edinburgh in August. I can think of few more pleasant ways to begin a festival day than this.” - August 16th, 2010
‘Bach for Breakfast’ recital – ROSL Arts @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“What better than a really talented recorder player accompanied by an equally talented pianist to start this venue’s season… Jill Kemp played with such confidence, without music, and was a delight to watch… A great start to a Monday morning..”

Paul Harris - The Malcolm Arnold Society,  October 25th, 2009

...Jill Kemp clearly showed in her performance that the recorder is as eloquent and profoundly musical instrument as any of the standard orchestral wind family.

i-Italy – May 11th, 2009

“A remarkable performance by the English flautist Jill Kemp enchanted the public”

Dr Salvatore Moltisanti, President, IBLA Foundation – April 27th, 2009

".. Jill Kemp is a virtuoso of extraordinary 'cantabile' talent. Ms. Kemp takes the audience on a magic operatic journey, so much so that one forgets listening to an instrument, the recorder, and finds himself in front of an amazing 'bel canto' singing, fully supported by the orchestral magistry of pianist Anna Rutkowska Schock."

IBLA TIMES, Jeffrey James, Editor, International Composer – April 27th 2009

“Jill Kemp is a recorder virtuoso from the U.K. She is a natural talent of striking technical ability who navigated a torturous set of variations by one E. Krahmer with ease, agility and great musicality. This was an excellent choice to showcase her considerable gifts. She was accompanied by the always wonderful Ms. Rutkowska Schock on piano.”

The Sentinel – March 27th, 2009

“The audience were wowed by the guest soloist. Jill Kemp, who was making a return visit to the festival, played several pieces with the artistry and verve for which she is famous.”

La Sicilia - July 10th, 2008
'The magic flute of Jill Kemp in piazza Pola... A pipe for the third millennium, musically magical and enchanting.'

Musical Pointers - Jan 18th 2008
St. Paul's Church. Deptford, London

'Displaying a range of expression beyond what might be considered possible, it was beguilingly and effortlessly performed by Jill Kemp'

Dorset Echo - Feb 15, 2007
Weymouth College Theatre

'She had the audience gasping at the virtuosity of her playing.'

Newark Advertiser - Dec 9, 2005
Palace Theatre, Newark (Newark Music Club's Freddy Bond Concert)

 'She must now be one of the top recorder players in the world.'

The Guardian - July 25, 2005
by Alfred Hickling

'A highly accomplished recorder virtuoso.'

The Recorder Magazine

'We have in Jill Kemp a musician of depth, true to her art and able to captivate her listeners. Hers is a name to look for well into the future.'

Manchester Evening News

'Razor sharp articulation…..phenomenal technique….celebrated virtuosity.'

Yorkshire Post

'A joy….. delightful. '


'The jewel in the crown. '

Huddersfield Examiner

'Already becoming a legend….astonishing brilliance….. a remarkable tour-de-force. '

Rod Birtles: Arts Department Officer Kirklees Cultural Services

'Jill gave a spellbinding performance and astounded the audience with her phenomenal technique and musicianship.


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